Miriam Innes

Miriam Innes, (Ireland b.1979) has exhibited solo shows in New York, Sydney, Melbourne, Abu Dhabi and Brisbane.

The artist currently residing in Queensland, Australia has gained recognition for her largescale charcoal drawings depicting sprawling streetscapes with a hyper-realistic touch. 

Although her artworks tend to revolve around urban settings, her choice of natural materials reflects her upbringing in rural west Ireland.

Miriam Innes gracefully navigates between two worlds—the natural and the man-made environment. She draws parallels between the organic qualities of charcoal, her preferred medium, and the "bog oak" indigenous to her homeland.

Innes emphasises its inherent simplicity, often overlooked and understated, which resonates with her preference for a monochromatic palette. Despite this simplicity, her cityscapes possess a remarkable complexity.

More recently the artist has focused on the use of a blade as her drawing tool, carving out her chosen subject on a recycled plastic substrate, conscious of environmental reclaiming and the removal of material.

Miriam Innes has showcased her artwork extensively in Australia and abroad, with exhibitions spanning the United States, Germany, the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom, and the Republic of Korea. Her pieces are in numerous private collections in the United States, the United Arab Emirates, Ireland, and Australia. 

Innes is a frequent finalist in art awards and has received accolades such as the Bendigo Bank local Artist Award at the Du Rietz Art Award in 2020 and the Lyn McCrea Memorial Drawing Award at Noosa Art Gallery with her largescale largescale, internationally acclaimed New York Rambling in 2020.

Invited curator and lead artist for ’22.96 / r e c e d i n g’ 2023, which was a major flood commemorative exhibit at the Gympie Regional Gallery. The Gympie Regional Gallery received recognition as a finalist in the 2023 Gallery and Museum Achievement Award presented by M&G QLD for ’22.96 / receding’.

In addition to her artistic endeavors, Innes was invited as a judge to the International Boynes Emerging Artist award in 2021 and also actively engages with the art community by conducting workshops and delivering enlightening talks on her craft.